Branding ‘Rory Warnock Wellness’


Target Sydney’s youth and corporate markets with an identity that captures the intersection of happiness and science. Rory Warnock is a wellness coach using the brain, body and breath to optimise life. 


The brand’s visual language draws parallels between the cyclical elements of nature and repetitive nature of wellness to provide a calming visual experience that authentically reflects the services on offer.


Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Content Creation, Presentation Design

Rory’s training ethos inspired my approach to the graphic identity; ‘we are what we repeatedly do’. The logomark is a typographic representation of the habits, routines and behaviours that inspire maximum physical and mental conditioning. The interior lines of the ‘W’ represent the company’s four interconnected training principles: Breathe, Move, Perform, Recover. The lines join together to form an optical illusion at the peaks and troughs; is the linear flow from side to side or top to bottom? These interlinking visual interpretations reflect the various systems of the body/nature seamlessly working together to form a sense of wellness. A colour palette and icon family were crafted for each training principle. Together, these form an identification system that signifies workshop and class content.


To date, we have enhanced the lives of over 5000 breathwork participants through informative workshops. 

Within the first two years of business we secured B2B contracts with clients including Canva, Google, Amazon, Uber and LinkedIn.

We are now creating an online user experience featuring access to on demand breathwork sessions.