Branding ‘Rory Warnock Wellness’


To target Sydney’s youth market with a start-up identity that captures the intersection of happiness and science. 


The brand’s visual language focuses on the intersection of minimalist design and cyclical elements of nature to provide a calming visual experience that authentically reflects the services on offer.

my role

Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Content Creation, Motion Graphics

Logo + Iconography

Service Specific Colour Palette 

Rory’s training ethos inspired my approach to the graphic identity; ‘we are what we repeatedly do’. The logomark is a typographic representation of the habits, routines and behaviours that inspire maximum physical and mental conditioning. The interior lines of the ‘W’ represent the company’s four interconnected training principles: Breathe, Move, Perform, Recover. The lines join together to form an optical illusion at the peaks and troughs; is the linear flow from side to side or top to bottom? These interlinking visual interpretations reflect the various systems of the body/nature seamlessly working together to form a sense of wellness. A colour palette and icon family were crafted for each training principle. Together, these form an identification system that signifies workshop and class content.

Informative Content