Seafood from Scotland


A three-day brief to design a social campaign for a series of virtual masterclasses for professional chefs across Scotland during the coronavirus lockdown.

These events supported personal development, knowledge, understanding and skills around the handling and preparation of Scottish Seafood.


After visiting a local seafood kitchen, I developed a highly targeted campaign around order tickets used to communicate between waiter and chef. The graphic identity features biro typography that reflects the chaotic caligraphy decoded by chefs. I combined the graphic identity with existing brand photography to create the campaign visuals.


Concept Creation, Branding, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Email Design


The campaign secured the participation of over 350 Scottish chefs. 
According to statistics, 78% of webinars have less than 50 attendees. All three Fishmonger Masterclasses sit in the top 9%, as they achieved between 200 and 250 attendees per session.
Acclaimed Scottish seafood chef Roy Brett, and Fishmonger, Author and Channel 4 presenter CJ Jackson from The Seafood School at Billingsgate reprised their roles for the second series.

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