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about scott, connell and cameron

I was born to Scottish parents who gave me three first names, three months after Tom Hanks compared life to a box of chocolates. Inside my box, we have Scott, Connell and Cameron.

Scott works with start-ups, agencies and brands to create memorable communication. Over the past four years, he has developed a fluency across brand, digital + print, content creation, and experiential. He thrives on creating beautiful solutions to creative problems.

Connell explores photography as a medium to communicate effectively on social and political injustices to stimulate reflection and instigate vital social change. His work is driven by the belief that the more we visually connect the world on an emotive and human basis, the faster we can surpass the confines of our prejudice and norms that prevent progress.

Cameron particularly enjoys hill runs, rocket salads, and the smell just after it rains in Summer. We don’t really know much else about Cameron, but we know that his actions regulate studio harmony.

Together, we form the creative studio of Scott, Connell and Cameron. We would love to collaborate with you on your next project. Click here to get to know us on a first-name basis... (because that’s all we have).

our selected clients

Auchentoshan, Bowmore, Deliveroo, Edrington-Beam Suntory, Great Brink, Highland Park, Laphroaig, Links Europe (NGO), Naked Grouse, NOW TV, The Macallan, YOURgb, Raptor London, Roku Gin, SF Nutrition, Women4Climate

our exhibitions + awards

Next: Rotterdam Photo 2022 
TBC Feb 2022 
Vierhavensstraat 46, 3029 BG Rotterdam

Association of Photographers [AOP] Awards 2020
My photo series 'Plastic Reproduction' won a finalist position in the Association of Photographers (AOP) Awards ‘Emerging Talent’ category. 

Photo London Digital 2020
'Plastic Reproduction' exhibited at Photo London Digital; the world's first online international photography fair. 

Glasgow School of Art 2019
Masters Degree Show Award for Sustainability ,

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